John Lennon: NOT a closet GOPer

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July 4, 2011
The Nation Blog
by Jon Wiener  
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"A guy named Fred Seaman is all over the conservative blogs today for a new documentary in which he claims that John Lennon was 'a closet Republican' at the time he was shot. This seems unlikely. First of all, who is Fred Seaman? He’d been a personal assistant to John and Yoko at the Dakota in the late seventies, but he’s also a convicted criminal. He was found guilty of stealing John Lennon’s personal belongings, including his diaries, after Lennon had been killed. He was sentenced to five years probation. You might say that weakens his credibility." [editor's note: It should come to nobody's surprise that this editor has always considered "all Hail Marx and Lennon" as a libertarian/anarchist battle-cry, not a Republican among 'em - SAT] (06/29/11)  

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