Judge to Google: sniffing even open WiFi networks may be wiretapping

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June 30, 2011
Ars Technica    
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"Google's Street View project has enmeshed the company in litigation around the world, most notably over the company's data collection from WiFi networks its camera cars passed while doing their work. (Google has claimed that this was a mistake.) In the US, a host of class-action lawsuits over the practice have been consolidated into a single case, and the California federal judge overseeing it has just refused Google's motion to completely dismiss the case. Sniffing even open WiFi packets might indeed be wiretapping, he ruled. The case remains at a preliminary stage, but the ruling grapples with an interesting question: the extent to which one can access an open WiFi network without falling afoul of the Wiretap Act." (06/30/11)


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