Israeli government threatens journalists who cover flotilla

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June 26, 2011
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"Israel's Government Press Office issued a letter Sunday to foreign journalists, warning them that participating in the upcoming flotilla sailing to Gaza is illegal under Israeli law, and could result in anyone who joins the convoy being barred from Israel for up to 10 years. ... In May 2010, [Israeli state-sponsored pirate] boarded six boats that comprised a similar aiming [sic] to break the Israeli naval blockade on the Strip; nine activists on board were [murdered] during the ensuing violence." (06/26/11)  
  • Lara Logan.

  • Indeed. What about Lara Logan applies to this story?

    • Neil,

      Maybe you're being clever. If so, too clever for stupid me to get it. So just say whatever it is you're trying to say if you want me to understand it.

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