WI: Customers pressure jewelry store owner for disallowing concealed carry

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June 26, 2011
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"A Wisconsin jewelry store owner is under fire from customers for opting out of the state’s recently-passed concealed carry law. Bret Eulberg, owner of Robert Haack Diamonds in Greenfield, Wis., says he has been getting angry messages threatening a boycott of the store. The new law allows residents to carry concealed firearms in public, but business owners still have a say whether or not they want to observe the law in their stores." [editor's note: Umm, folks, this might be a case where I'd not only support the guy's decision, but commend it! Read further in the story to see his rationale - SAT] (06/25/11)

  • MamaLiberty

    The store owner certainly has every right to make any conditions he wants for those who enter his property. I don't know why anyone would send him angry messages about it. There are doubtless many other shops, and many other ways to obtain jewelry.

    If he was willing to guarantee my safety, not only while in his store, but coming and going, I might consider disarming to enter there if I just had to have HIS jewelry, but I can't imagine anyone making that sort of guarantee.

    The whole point of being armed is to take personal responsibility for one's own safety and, secondarily, those around me. If he said plainly that my help wasn't needed or wanted in the event of a robbery attempt, I'd be willing to keep my piece holstered and find a place to hide while he took care of it… but I'd really rather not be bothered going into such a place to start with.

    Bottom line: if my gun is not welcome, then neither am I. I'll go somewhere else.

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