How can anyone not realize the war on (some) drugs is racist?

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June 24, 2011
by Wilton D. Alston  
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"Having written on this racist monstrosity many times, both for and elsewhere, it should be relatively easy to deduce my stance, but just in case, let me re-state it for clarity: The prohibition of recreational drugs is a means by which the busy-body, and often racist, losers who desire to control America have decimated and continue to decimate that group of people for which they hold the most animosity and the least regard -- black men. The drug war is not to protect the children, save the babies, shield the neighborhoods, or preserve the rain forests. The drug war is a violent campaign against black men and by extension the black family, among many others (not all of them black, by the way); it has been so since it started." (06/24/11)  


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