Iraq: 13 killed, 43 wounded

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June 22, 2011    
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"In Baghdad, a car bomb exploded killing one person and wounding 10 others .... Two blasts in Amiriya killed a local police chief and wounded at least seven others. ... A former army officer was killed in a blast in Saidiya. In Mosul, one person was killed and another was wounded when a mortar shell targeting police hit their house instead. ... Gunmen killed a police officer at a checkpoint. A roadside bomb killed one person and wounded two others, including a child. Two dumped bodies were found. Gunmen killed two people in Shirqat. One had run for parliament. In Baquba, a sticky bomb killed one person and wounded another. The dead man was a former Ba’ath Party member. A local official was killed during a small arms attack in Khatoon. ... A Numaniya policeman took revenge on a civilian by killing him." (06/22/11)  

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