OR: No charges in killing of would-be burglar

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June 19, 2011
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"Saunders was under the influence of methamphetamine in the early morning of April 7 when he approached the house.He knocked on the door loudly, waking the couple who live there. The couple wish to remain anonymous.When the man came down, Saunders told him he wanted to use the couple's phone. When the occupant refused and told him to leave, Saunders began throwing rocks at the front door, which had a metal frame with glass inserts.The woman called 911, while the man armed himself with his .22 caliber rifle. He told Saunders he was armed and that he was calling the police, then fired two warning shots.'Mr. Saunders then literally dove through the door into the living room," Frasier said in a press release.So the occupant shot Saunders in the chest, killing him." (06/14/11)


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