Nonviolence still best path for revolution

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June 19, 2011
Orange County Register
by Gwynne Dyer  
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"The 'Prague Spring' of 1968 was a gallant attempt at a nonviolent democratic revolution, but it was crushed by Soviet tanks. Eighteen years later, in the Philippines, the first 'people-power' revolution succeeded, and since 1986 nonviolent revolutions have driven a great many dictators from power, mostly recently in Egypt, in February. But there never was a guarantee that these revolutions would turn out well. The revolution in the Philippines succeeded because by the late 1980s, everything was happening in real time on global television. Oppressive regimes that had never had much compunction about killing people who challenged them didn't feel confident about doing it before a global audience. They no longer felt free to use massive force unless the protesters gave them an excuse by resorting to violence themselves." (06/19/11)  

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