Republicans raise taxes [sic]

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June 15, 2011
The American Prospect
by David Callahan  
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"Republicans in Congress softened their position on taxes yesterday, when 34 GOP senators voted to repeal tax breaks for the ethanol industry. The proposal, which was added as an amendment to an economic-development bill, failed, but the vote shows that at least some Republican lawmakers are willing to back revenue hikes to cut the deficit. Grover Norquist, the longtime head of Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative group, lobbied hard against the ethanol repeal, arguing that closing tax loopholes was no different than an outright tax increase." [editor's note: It is SO SAD seeing this from Grover, who was once an LP activist in Massachusetts, and understood the difference between a giveaway and a theft! Once more, (to the author of this drivel as well as anyone else listening, ending a subsidy does NOT equal raising a tax - SAT] (06/15/11)  

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