The tax break game

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June 12, 2011
Boston Globe
by Jeff Jacoby  
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"So now it’s the video game industry that wants to be bribed to do business in Massachusetts. The Globe reports that local game developers are lobbying Beacon Hill for subsidies that would make them more competitive against out-of-state rivals. Companies such as Demiurge Studios of Cambridge and Turbine Inc. in Needham are angling for tax breaks to help Massachusetts companies recruit and hire experienced game designers, and turn the state into an industry stronghold. A bill to subsidize video-game makers with tax incentives has been introduced by Representative Vincent Pedone of Worcester, who is promoting it as a can’t-lose bet for the treasury." &91;editor's note: One more case of creating a subsidy program (that will then become eternal), in order to create a short-term "revenue cash cow;" economics lessons in order, as usual - SAT] (06/12/11)  

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