Ellsberg: All Nixon crimes against me are now legal

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June 9, 2011
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"Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg said Tuesday that disgraced former Republican President Richard M. Nixon would 'admire [President Barack] Obama's boldness' in trying to stifle whistleblowers. 'Richard Nixon, if he were alive today, might take bittersweet satisfaction to know that he was not the last smart president to prolong unjustifiably a senseless, unwinnable war, at great cost in human life,' Ellsberg told CNN. 'And his aide Henry Kissinger was not the last American official to win an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize. He would probably also feel vindicated (and envious) that ALL the crimes he committed against me -- which forced his resignation facing impeachment -- are now legal,' he continued." [editor's note: Go, Daniel; truth to power! - SAT] (06/08/11)


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