What’s the secret to Canada’s miracle economy?

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June 8, 2011
Christian Science Monitor
by Rondi Adamson  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"Americans may be looking north of the border with envy these days. The Canadian dollar -– previously an object of mockery -– now trades higher than its US counterpart and our banks weathered the global financial crisis with alarming stability. How have Canadians pulled this off? We very cleverly situated ourselves next to a superpower with a love of freedom similar to ours, one that we count on to protect us militarily. ... We haven’t had to spend nearly as much (proportionately) on our military as has the United States, nor do we have to take the endless grief and criticism of the rest of the world if we A) act too much, B) act not at all, or C) act incorrectly. Free-riding is good." [editor's note: A wise position, and one America would be well advised to take itself - SAT] (06/06/11)



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