WA: Seattle pharmacist arms himself against pill-seeking thieves

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June 5, 2011
KWCH News    
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"Less than two hours after picking out a man in a police lineup who held up his drugstore, pharmacist Mike Donohue was getting robbed — again. This robber's face was hidden under the hood of a bulky black sweatshirt. He rocked back and forth anxiously, with his right hand planted in his pocket. Like the other five robbers who had previously held up Donohue's store, the man demanded OxyContin, a popular painkiller known for its high-abuse potential. "My technician came back and showed me the note that said, 'Give me your OxyContin. I have a gun'," Donohue said. Instead of handing over the drugs, Donohue unholstered the Glock 19 handgun he wore beneath his white lab coat and sprinted to the front of the small pharmacy. The pharmacist pointed the firearm, loaded with 15 hollow-point rounds, at the head of the hooded man. "Down!" Donohue yelled. The would-be robber dashed out the door, with the pistol-packing pharmacist giving chase. The man got away, only to be arrested that day." (06/04/11)


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