RRND/FND 2011 Annual Fundraiser

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December 25, 2011
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FINAL Update, 12/26/11: Sorry to still be quacking about the fundraiser -- this will be the last update, I promise. It's just that some additional money came in on Friday and over the weekend that I want to acknowledge.

Thanks to long-time supporters SRL ($100), AK ($50) and RRS ($50) for their "one-time" donations, and to subscribing contributors WK, DLW and EB for their monthly payments totaling $32.50!

I'll be removing the "Chip-In" widget from our site here in a moment. The next fundraiser starts soon, but it will NOT feature daily updates/fundraising pleas.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review

  • Hope that helps Tom
    erne lewis

    • Very much so, Erne, and thanks!

      Two things, everyone:

      1) Be sure to check out Erne's novel, An Act of Self-Defense; and

      2) If you're a contributor and want to promote yourself or your product in these comments, please feel free to do so!

      Tom Knapp

  • jonjayray

    Politeness would get you more

    Is it wrong for libertarians to be polite?

  • Marjorie Peters

    Thank you, Thomas, for your years of dedication to liberty. Here's my best donation. And no, I do not think you are impolite.

  • Marjorie,

    THANK YOU so much for your support! As far as impoliteness goes, I do have my moments, though ;-)

  • Could you please publish your bitcoin address. Thanks

    • Sure. It's available on our support page (see sidebar links) as well, but it's:


      [this comment was edited 08/09/11 to reflect new Bitcoin address — our old e-wallet got hacked and went out of business – TLK]

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