The Patriot Act, Fox News, the TSA and feeling less free

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June 1, 2011
Fr33 Agents
by Szandor Blestman  
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"It seems that most common folk don’t fully understand what the Patriot Act truly is. If the polls are to be believed (I personally don’t trust most polls) then they seem to think that the Patriot Act has somehow made our nation more secure. They seem to believe the propaganda that is spewed forth from corporate establishment media giants that the Patriot Act has done its job and protected us. Yet it wasn’t the Patriot Act that stopped the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber, it was the passengers themselves. And every time a plot is reported foiled, it is later determined that the plot only occurred because some federal security agency or another helped it along. So one might wonder, if the Patriot Act has been doing its job, will they finally get rid of it if it fails and another terrorist event occurs?" (06/01/11)



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