TX: Homeowner kills teen burglar

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May 31, 2011
My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth    
Posted in 2AM News

"A Fort Worth teenager is dead after police said he tried to break into a house and was shot. The homeowner said shortly after he returned home from work he heard a noise at his back window. The man said he pulled back the blinds and saw a young man with a crow bar trying to pry the window open. 'He was coming in the house. He scared me. I didn’t know what else to do,' he said. 'I put the clip in the gun and I clicked it thinking that he heard all that.' But that didn’t work, he said. 'When I raised the blinds he was still there, like he was still coming in. He was almost in then. I didn’t know what else to do,' the man said. 'When I raised the blinds up I shot him.'" (05/27/11)



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