A post-American [sic] world

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May 26, 2011
Orange County Register
by Victor Davis Hanson  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"Is America's preeminent world role over? That's what a recent New Yorker essay, based on interviews with presidential advisers, claimed. It characterized the new Obama foreign-relations style as 'leading from behind' -- given the supposed inevitable American decline and growing unpopularity. ... But if American abrogates its preeminent leadership position of the last 65 years, wouldn't the world look a lot like it did in the pre-American days of the 1930s?" [editor's note: Still unsure why this guy gets posted in the mostly "libertarian" OCR listings; mostly sounds unbearably imperialistic, and rarely distinguishes free trade leadership (from America) from militaristic intervention (USA Inc.) - SAT] (05/25/11)


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