Policing for profit

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May 26, 2011
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Robert P. Murphy  
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"A shocking news report recently documented how Tennessee police were stopping drivers on the interstate and confiscating large amounts of cash, even if the drivers were accused of no crime. The report was particularly shocking because the special unit was operating far outside of its jurisdiction in exchange for giving a cut of the seized cash to the local government in question. This episode is outrageous enough that any regular American can see the problem. Yet most people who see the report will probably conclude that the government 'went too far' in this instance, and some reforms are needed. The real lesson here is that the War on Drugs — just like every other war waged by our politicians — doesn't solve the ostensible problem, and in fact strips away other liberties." (05/26/11)



  • Clore

    "All laws are good, to those who draw a salary for their enforcement."–Clark Ashton Smith

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