Iraq: Seven killed, 19 wounded

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May 25, 2011    
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"In Baghdad, five people were wounded in a blast in Qahira. Gunmen wounded a colonel. A bomb in Amiriya wounded a policeman. A sticky bomb wounded two people. A Saidiya blast victim died overnight, bringing the death toll to three. A bomb in Garma killed two policemen and wounded another. In Kirkuk, a bomb killed a colonel and wounded two bodyguards. Gunmen wounded a policeman. A body was found bearing gunshot wounds. Gunmen wounded five workers in Taji. In Ramadi, a policeman was killed when the cycle he was riding was blasted. A second bomb wounded another policeman. An oil employee was shot to death in Khanaqin. A Yazidi farmer was abducted from his land in Sinjar." (05/25/11)  

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