AZ: Citizens call state’s bluff, pay extra “taxes”

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May 25, 2011
The Arizona Republic    
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"Fed up with people complaining that the state doesn't have the money it needs to do its job, lawmakers added a voluntary-contribution fund called 'I Didn't Pay Enough' to Arizona's income-tax form this year. And, much to the surprise of some lawmakers, 386 taxpayers thought the new program was such a good idea, they willingly kicked in an extra $13,204 to the state's general fund, according to the Department of Revenue." [editor's notes: (1) The feds wouldn't DARE try this, not with 2 (or 3? or 4?) wars abroad, liberty infringed at home, corporate welfare run amok, etc.; (2) is it still "taxes" if you pay it without force? - SAT] (05/25/11)  

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