Obama regime levies new sanctions on Iran gasoline imports

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May 24, 2011
Miami Herald    
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"The United States for the first time Tuesday implemented sanctions to strangle Iran's importation of gasoline in a major tightening of measures that's aimed at cutting off funds for Tehran's nuclear program but could hurt ordinary Iranians. The sanctions were imposed on Venezuela's state-owned oil company, an Israeli shipping firm and five other foreign companies that the State Department said have been doing business with Iran's energy sector." [editor's note: DC seems to be getting desperate to provoke war with Iran. Maybe this is the bait that country's government will finally rise to - TLK] (05/24/11)



  • Alan Turin

    A bad idea. Iran mismanages its oil industry w/o USG interference. It is a source of discontent there along with their high inflation. It rankles Iranians that they have lines & rationing of gas [petrol & distillate to be British]. Fidel Castro uses USG sanctions to excuse communist mis-management.

    What would happen there if sanctions ended? What excuse would that regime have? Same for Iran.

    It's not only awful but god-awful. The USG ousted their democratic regime in 1953 & installed a brutal dictator the Shah. They oust him & the US then arms Iraq to fight a fierce war for 8 years.

    Is it any wonder they are a tad suspicious of the US?

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