Steady decline in major crime in US baffles experts

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May 23, 2011
San Jose Mercury News    
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"The number of violent crimes in the United States dropped significantly last year, to what appeared to be the lowest in nearly 40 years, a development that was considered puzzling partly because it ran counter to the prevailing expectation that crime would increase during a recession. In all regions, the country appears to be safer. The odds of being killed or robbed are now less than half of what they were in the early 1990s, when U.S. violent crime peaked." (05/23/11)  
  • I'm sure they are baffled. They work so hard to make everything possible "illegal" so there will be plenty of "crime" to justify their ever growing armies of thugs and murderers.

    If that were to stop, why… peace might break out all over the place.

  • Rocky Frisco

    I suspect it's directly tied to gun sales and armed citizens.

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