A common sense, and therefore a libertarian, view of super injunctions

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May 23, 2011
Free Life Commentary
by Sean Gabb  
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"What makes the current generation of 'super injunctions' illegitimate is that they suppress comment on what may well be legitimate issues, and that they are made against an indeterminate number of people, most of whom will not have been made aware of the injunction itself. For example, let us again suppose that Lord Flop has been accused of having sex with a sheep. He runs into court and claims that his children will be very upset if they are taunted in school about his alleged taste in love. An injunction is then granted against the whole world to prevent all discussion of the allegations. No individual or individuals are named in the injunction. Those to whom it is communicated are ordered not even to reveal the existence of the injunction. This means that if I hear about Lord Flop and his sheep, and mention it on FaceBook, I shall be in contempt of court." (05/23/11)


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