Budget cuts might even touch war machine

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May 22, 2011
Christian Science Monitor    
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"Long immune from cost-cutting measures as it fights two tough wars, the US military has now come under increasing pressure to rein in its budget. This week, Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered some insights into how, precisely, the Pentagon will begin doing this. The goal for now, as outlined last month by President Obama in his deficit reduction plan, is to hold the growth in national security spending below inflation over the next 12 years, which will require finding $400 billion worth of cuts from the defense budget over the same period of time. First, however, the Pentagon must review its military commitments around the world, Mr. Gates said." [editor's note: Just waiting for some GOP (or Dem?) warhawk to claim this would be a "tax increase" on the MIC - SAT] (05/22/11)


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