Romney: Steadfast stand for a bad idea

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May 18, 2011
The Boston Globe
by Jeff Jacoby  
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"Mitt Romney has been stalwart in his defense of the individual mandate — the obligation to buy health insurance that is at the heart of both the law he signed in Massachusetts in 2006 and the federal version President Obama enacted last year. Ironically, his firmness on this issue may cost him more dearly with Republican voters than his reputation for conveniently reversing past positions ever did. In his Ann Arbor speech last week, the former governor declared that RomneyCare 'was right for the people of my state,’ and that regardless of the political fallout, he was not about to 'just stand up and say this whole thing was a mistake.’ He repeated the argument he has made for years — that an individual mandate is a matter of 'personal responsibility.’" (05/18/11)  

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