The French bombshell — stranger than fiction

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May 17, 2011
by Eric Margolis  
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"An April poll showed Socialist bigwig Dominique Strauss-Kahn running ahead of Sarkozy at 30%, followed by far-right National Front leader Marine LePen at 21%, and, sacre bleu! Sarko trailing at 19% in a first round of the two-part vote. Strauss-Kahn would then wallop Sarkozy in the second round vote. ... Strauss-Kahn was on an Air France flight at Kennedy Airport, preparing to fly to Europe to meet Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Minutes before takeoff, he was pulled off the flight by New York City police, hauled off to jail and later charged with the attempted rape and confinement of a 30-something maid at the Sofitel Hotel near Times Square." (05/17/11)  

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