Teens shedding privacy thru apps use

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May 15, 2011
The Washington Post    
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"After Scott Fitzsimones turned 13, he got an iPhone, set up accounts for Facebook and Pandora, and went on an apps downloading spree. At the same time, the new teenager lost many protections over his privacy online. The games he plays know his location at any given moment through the phone’s GPS technology. He has entered his parents’ credit card number to buy apps, and iTunes has his family’s e-mail address and everyone’s full names. Facebook knows his birth date and the school he attends. At an age when his parents do not let him go to the mall alone and in an era when he would never open up to a stranger, Fitzsimones, who lives in Phoenix, already has a growing dossier accumulating on the Web." (05/15/11)



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