You can choose your child’s education

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May 12, 2011
Jeffersonville Evening News
by Debbie Harbeson  
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"Now that Indiana’s government has passed the school voucher law, proponents are excited about increased choice in education. But let’s be clear, the increased choice they’re talking about still falls inside a coercive system of funding, which means we will see all the associated problems and flaws that always come with force. All we’ve really seemed to accomplish here is to add one more special interest group — private schools — into the mix of those who will continue to fight to gain access to the pot of government-controlled funds designated for education. ... If your child’s needs are not being met inside government-approved educational institutions of any sort you do have another choice. It is possible to free your family, to become independent and take control if you want. How? By going independent and choosing home education." (05/12/11)  

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