NPR joins AP in demanding visual proof of OBL death

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May 11, 2011
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"Shortly after the White House announced that it had conducted an operation that killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, news organizations began clammoring for visual proof. The Associated Press, Politico and Fox News were among them, along with a host of advocacy groups. Yesterday, National Public Radio (NPR) said it was joining the demand to see evidence of bin Laden's death, filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the White House." [editor's note: This could be the last straw for Obamaphiles, if he refuses - SAT] [additional editor's note: I don't think most people understand why it ain't gonna happen. Hint: If the US is at war, it's a war crime; if the US is not at war, then what are all those troops doing over there? The White House does not want that question raised - TLK] (05/11/11)  
  • rebel8h

    With or without pictures, we have Obama's confession that he ordered the hit, and his agents carried out the order. If we are at war, then Obama has publicly confessed to a war crime and should be immediately impeached, removed from office, indicted, tried, convicted and punished for it.
    If we are not at war – then why hasn't he brought all our military forces home?

  • rebel8h,

    If the US is at war, killing a leading opposing combatant is not, in and of itself, a "war crime" (there might have been attendant war crimes, such as the invasion of Pakistan, killing a combatant who was attempting to surrender, etc., of course).

    Distributing TROPHIES, such as photos of the corpse, would be a war crime, and the responsibility for it would be pretty clear-cut if he openly ordered said distribution.

    Yes, if the US is not at war, then all of its military forces should get the hell out of the places they're occupying.

    But that's the double bind:

    If Obama doesn't release the pictures, there's reason to doubt the story.

    But if Obama releases the pictures and is accused of a war crime for doing so, his only defense is that the US isn't at war, and that bin Laden was just a criminal.

    He doesn't want to give up the useful legal fiction that the United States is at war.

    Maintaining that fiction is more important to him than providing evidence that bin Laden was killed by US forces (as opposed to having died earlier/elsewhere/under other circumstances, or still being alive).

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