How not to argue for libertarianism

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May 10, 2011
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Matt Zwolinski  
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"Rothbard seems to think that he can show us that we are committed to accepting self-ownership, and that once he does this we are committed on pain of irrationality to accepting everything that follows logically from it, no matter how absurd it might seem. But this is not how moral reasoning works, or ought to work. Demonstrating that a moral principle has some intuitive support gives you some reason to accept it. (e.g. 'taxation is like theft and theft is wrong so taxation is wrong'). But that reason can be overcome if it turns out that the intuitive principle has deeply counterintuitive implications. (e.g., 'it is wrong to tax $100 away from a millionaire to save the life of a starving child')." (05/10/11)  

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