FL: New gun law muzzles meddlesome pediatricians

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May 8, 2011
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"A pending law in Florida would make it illegal for pediatricians to ask families whether guns are being safely kept in their patients' homes. Supporters of the NRA-backed measure insist that questions by doctors and other health care professionals amount to an invasion of privacy and a violation of their Second Amendment rights. Pediatricians routinely ask parents about safety concerns in the home like whether or not the family has a pool, if the child wears a bike helmet, or rides in a car seat. To gun advocates, however, questions about the presence of firearms in a child's environment are intrusive and go too far." (05/08/11)

  • So another "law" is needed? Anybody can ask a question about anything… it's up to the person asked to answer or tell the questioner to mind their own business. This is really stupid.

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