Ayn Rand, libertarians and the needy

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May 4, 2011
The Orange County Register    
Posted in PND Commentary

"A recent letter to the editor published in the Register, written by someone apparently eager to besmirch Ayn Rand –- which many have tried, in vain –- stated: 'Rand's libertarianism has an underlying philosophy that says, if you are not particularly smart, ambitious, disciplined or wealthy, and you become homeless, hungry, financially ruined and suffer from premature illness or death, then that is entirely your fault.' Neither Rand nor libertarians say any of this. What both do say is that, if you are in such a condition, you have no authority to deprive others of their resources. You can ask, of course." [editor's note: When you add the fact that in an enlightened society, asking generally brings some voluntary response (of giving from your own abundance), Rand's underlying ethos shines a lot brighter than forced redistribution ever could - SAT] (05/04/11)


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