Spain: Somali pirates get 439-year sentences

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May 3, 2011
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"In a rare case, a Spanish court convicted two Somalia men of piracy in the 2009 takeover of a Spanish fishing vessel and sentenced each to 439 years in prison, according to a copy of the sentence viewed by CNN on Tuesday. The long prison terms stem mainly from the conviction for illegal detention of the vessel's 36 crew members, with a sentence of 11 years for each count of piracy, or 396 years." (05/03/11)  

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  • Bet those pirates are glad they didn't get "life" in prison. How silly. Does anyone think a sentence of 439 years is going to deter further piracy?

    The best response to pirates of any kind is death at the hands of their intended victim. Are the Spanish (or any other) merchant ships now set up with fully armed and trained crews? I didn't think so.

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