Osama bin Laden reported killed — White House announcement imminent

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May 1, 2011
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President Barack Obama will address the nation live some time in the next few minutes. The media and Internet rumor mill say that the announcement will be that Osama bin Laden has been confirmed killed.

  • Ed Podhorn

    Don't overplay Obama's risk & gutsiness in ordering Laden capture/kill. SEALS & their chopper crews deserve focus of attention. Obama, Seal Team 6 & their chopper crews were just doing their jobs, for which SEALS and chopper crews, at least, are well trained. Not sure how US can train presidents, because the office requires more than what presidents are bringing. Law degrees are the least important qualification. Congrats to Obama and his intel/military team anyway for a job finally done right, for good judgment & follow through, but they were in a bunker 9000 miles away.

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