The birth certificate: Why now?

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April 27, 2011
The American Prospect
by Jamelle Bouie  
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"President Obama has finally released proof that he is, indeed, an American. I should say, at the outset, that President Obama will not, as he said he intended, quell the 'birther' conspiracy by releasing his long-form birth certificate to the public. ... [T]he release of the full certificate will probably satisfy the birther elite (Trump, Bachmann, etc.). ... But the same isn't true for rank-and-file birthers. ... Already, the focus has begun to shift to Obama's college records, as conservatives like Donald Trump and Pat Buchanan 'raise questions' about Obama's admission to Harvard Law School." (04/27/11)  
  • Donald Trump should be deported if he can’t produce a long-form birth certificate. And also if he can.

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