The deficit IS jobs … a deficit OF jobs

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April 26, 2011
Our Future Blog
by Dave Johnson  
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"There is a deficit of jobs AND the deficit is jobs. The public is so much smarter than the geniuses in DC. Washington talks about the deficit but the public knows that the deficit is jobs. That huge deficit jump to over a trillion that happened in Bush's last budget (2009) changed the national discussion from jobs and stimulus to worries over spending. But the deficit jump was caused by the financial crisis and recession and jobs and turning that around means addressing the recession and jobs." (04/25/11)  
  • Sorry Mr. Johnson, but the only cure is to stop the theft – from everyone! Nobody can create "jobs" when their productivity and savings are being plundered and devalued. Yes, eliminate all of the government spending and leave people alone to create wealth again, for themselves and everyone who works and trades with them. Eliminate the theft, the parasites and the rest of the criminals in the halls of "government."

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