“Atlas Shrugged;” Jesus didn’t

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April 24, 2011
Our Future Blog
by Isaiah J. Poole  
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"Just in time for Easter, the movie version of Atlas Shrugged is poised to be shown in an expanding number of theaters. And, as Ayn Rand would be the first to admit, you could not set up a sharper clash of world views. There is Jesus Christ, who, the apostle Paul writes, 'died for the ungodly.' Then there is the atheist Rand. ... Rand is very clear: walking in the path of Christ and walking in the path of Atlas Shrugged hero John Galt will take you to two very different places. Which ought to give pause to political leaders who claim to embrace the values of Christ but adopt the politics of Rand." [editor's note: The sad thing is much of Jesus' s teachings are basic libertarianism, as New Thought spirituality points out pretty clearly; as for Rand's rhetoric and diatribes about hating "giving," even the Galt's Gulchers did not simply let you starve if you showed up with no gold in your pockets - SAT] (04/22/11)


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