Protect the right to choose

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April 24, 2011
In These Times
by Sady Doyle  
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"Ohio just might be the most ordinary state in America. It’s neither Republican nor Democrat, and neither especially poor nor especially affluent. It is, in all respects, average. But, in recent months, it’s been the battleground for a remarkably extreme and extraordinary fight. Ohio’s 'Heartbeat Bill' is part of a barrage of anti-choice legislation designed to circumvent the fact that abortion is legal by making it nearly impossible to obtain one. But, whereas other bills focus on cutting funding or creating obstacles to abortion, H.B. 125 takes a relatively new tactic: It aims to ban abortions outright if the fetus has a detectable heartbeat — which happens at around six weeks, before many women even realize they’re pregnant." [editor's note: Which is still the real issue here; finding some other borderline to fight over! Somewhere, far between initial cell-division and delivery-time, there's a point where brain activity is first expressed. Organic existence is not synonymous with human life! - SAT] [additional editor's note: Bullshit. It's a "human being" from conception. That's a tautology that no amount of foot-stamping will change. Whether or not it's a "person" is a different question - TLK] (04/22/11)  


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