Condemn censorship

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April 22, 2011
In These Times
by Susan J. Douglas  
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"Dumb and dumber: that’s not only what all too many of our current politicians and right-wing pundits are, it’s how they want the American public to be. The right wing in this country is on a concerted campaign to silence any voices that question its goals, tactics and assault on dialogue and civility. Hence, as part of the House of Representatives’ attack on everything, we have H.R. 1076, the bill to bar all federal funding to National Public Radio (NPR)." [editor's note: The best thing that could happen to NPR is to no longer be dependent on politicians (the only ones with the power for "censorship") for their paychecks -- as is the case already with about 95% of their revenue! - SAT] (04/21/11)  

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