Don’t make us work ’till we die!

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April 22, 2011
Our Future Blog
by Dave Johnson  
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"There was a time on this country when We, the People were in charge, and our government worked for us. Through our government we did things for each other and for our economy, and when we had economic success we paid back toward more such investment. Things are different today and We, the People are no longer in charge. In fact, We, the People are thought of now as 'the help.' And lately the Powers That Be have been thinking they aren't getting quite enough work out of us. So they want to make us Work 'Till We Die." [editor's note: As for me, that's been my plan all along; moved to Nashville to not-retire! (and what utopian history is this clown referring to, anyway? - SAT] (04/21/11)  

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