The danger of ending the American empire

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April 19, 2011
by CJ Maloney  
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"From the Egyptian Army’s thuggish behavior in Tahrir Square, to the bloodbath visited upon the workers protesting in Tiananmen Square by the Chinese Army to the unarmed students shot dead at Kent State University by the US Army, the danger to a people’s liberty wherever politicians have at their disposal a large standing army is too obvious to ignore. To 'bring the boys back home,' to close our foreign bases, end all the wars and allow the uncountable multitudes of uniformed servicemen and mercenaries to re-enter our borders as an armed compact body is an extremely dangerous proposition and one to be avoided at all hazards. Our military must be demobilized overseas, it must not be allowed to re-enter US territory as an armed body." (04/20/11)  

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