Why I detest the state

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April 19, 2011
by Clem Johnson  
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"You should know it is because I love my country that I loathe its government, in all its forms, for a host of reasons. How I don't just despise government because it is wasteful, arrogant and immoral. I don't hate it solely because it is coercive and legally steals for its livelihood. It is true that I abhor government because it cloaks its crimes with euphemisms: It robs, but calls it taxation; it defrauds, but calls it 'social security;' it kidnaps, but calls it 'busing;' it enslaves, but calls it 'conscription;' and it counterfeits, but calls it inflation. It does the very things I cannot do without committing crimes, but do you know why I really detest government? (I thought you would never ask.)" (04/19/11)


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