Anarchy or minarchy, part 2

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April 13, 2011
Strike the Root
by Glen Allport  
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"Of course, many government police are decent, sincere, and honest, but as with every government entity, the presence of honest, competent employees is not enough to prevent the overall corruption of, and the harm caused by, that entity. From public schools to government regulators to armed alphabet-agency enforcers, this dynamic never fails: coercion ruins what might otherwise have been a positive effort. I call this Ringo's Law (the actual quote from Ringo Starr is 'Everything government touches turns to crap'), and indeed Ringo's Law has a level of accuracy and predictive power typical of laws in the physical sciences." (04/13/11)  
  • "coercion ruins what might otherwise have been a positive effort."

    Since coercion and force are the ONLY tools available and exercise of same is the primary purpose for these agencies, I fail to see how they can have any positive part in a free society.

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