Oregon Supreme Court highlights “drug dog” woo

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April 13, 2011
Freedom's Phoenix
by Brock Lorber  
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"As all purveyors of woo, OPCA and Code Three Canine (the outfit which trained Babe) studiously avoid double blind trials by, or at least audited by, third-party researchers. While such a trial could be conducted by, say, a defense attorneys' group, the results of the trial would end up in a Catch 22. That is, the mystics can always claim that the conditions are too stringent, or the dogs used aren't the same dogs, or the energy in the room was negative. What is clear is that courts, including the Oregon and US Supreme Courts, have bought in to the notion that 'drug dogs' serve a useful purpose and, indeed, are even physiologically capable of the super-canine feats attributed to their (admittedly more sensitive than human) noses." (04/12/11)


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