Progressive budget plan: Tax rich, end wars, slash oil subsidies, invest in jobs

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April 11, 2011
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"As the focus on Capitol Hill shifts to America's long-run fiscal woes, Congressional progressives are one step ahead of the White House and Democratic leaders in offering a counter-proposal to the House GOP approach. The broad sketch proposes to end the Bush-era tax cuts on high income earners, enact a surtax on millionaires and billionaires, increase the the estate tax and eliminate corporate tax loopholes and subsidies for oil and coal companies. It also aims to create a public health insurance option, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and invest $1.45 trillion in 'job creation,' energy, housing and education programs." [editor's note: If only they were consistent about ending the wars, most of the rest would be academic - SAT] (04/11/11)  

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