IL: Will gun-owner identities stay secret

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April 10, 2011
The Christian Science Monitor    
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"It’s highly likely that the identity of Illinois gun owners will continue to be protected from public disclosure. Legislation passed in the state House of Representatives Friday circumvents the efforts of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who is fighting to make the names and expiration dates of all state-issued firearm owner identification cards available through the state’s Freedom of Information Act. Attorney General Madigan contends that citizens deserved to know who owns guns in their communities while gun rights advocates said the measure would lead to increased crime." [editor's note: Good news, since a large part of (the crime-deterrent portion of) the 2nd Amendment is criminals unaware of which house-owner(s) might meet them packin' heat! - SAT] (04/10/11)  


  • No Steve, I'm afraid you are incorrect there. While it is obviously insane for any government to publish the names of those who have permits, deterrence of crime comes from ordinary people being armed, whether concealed or otherwise.

    All too often, the criminal has already chosen and started the attack before a concealed gun comes into play, making it far more likely it will be actually drawn or fired.

    In fact, as one who carries openly, I have a FAR lower chance of ever needing to draw my gun because it can be seen immediately, offering the potential criminal an opportunity to leave me alone.

    And yes, this is a matter of long and sometimes heated debate among those who carry a gun. But CC will only be a real deterrent to crime when a lot more people carry, one way or another.

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