Iraq: Doctors being extorted by “fake sheiks”

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April 10, 2011
Washington Post    
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"It was a simple surgery to fix a broken nose, Dr. Naseer al-Sudani recalled. Although the procedure went well, weeks later the 35-year-old patient died from a blood clot, a condition deemed unrelated. Within hours, the dreaded phone calls began. 'They said, 'Our brother is dead, we must negotiate,'' Sudani said, recounting the family’s initial demand of $40,000. If he refused, he knew he could be killed. So he did what Iraqis do these days: He got himself a good sheik, who led a delegation to meet the family’s sheik, and weeks of distressing discussions began." [editor's note: Substitute "lawyer" for "sheik" and tell me me how this differs from here? - SAT](04/10/11)  

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