How to eliminate Social Security and Medicare

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April 10, 2011
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by George Reisman  
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"The Social Security system, together with Medicare, could be eliminated by means of the following steps, each one of which would result in substantial cost savings. First, following a grace period of perhaps two or three years, to provide sufficient warning and time to adjust, there should be a phased increase to 70 in the age at which individuals are eligible to receive full Social Security benefits and Medicare. At the same time, the early benefit retirement age for Social Security should be increased from 62 to 66." (04/08/11)  

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  • A lot of very stupid ideas here, indeed. Sounds more like a way to torture everyone for a very long time. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you see it – the structure of the US and the economy won't last long enough to even entertain such nonsense. And, oh yes, it's going to be very painful for everyone. Even the kleptocrats who've done all the stealing won't escape this time.

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