The evolution of my ideas on IP

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April 10, 2011
WendyMcElroy. com
by Wendy McElroy  
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"The last blow was dealt by the science-fiction writer and SEK3 cadre Victor Koman who asked me a pointed question at an otherwise forgetable party. Vic asked, 'Do you really think you own what is in my mind?' As an anarchist who was then reading both Tucker and 19th century abolitionist tracts, one answer alone was possible: 'No.' And, yet, if I claimed ownership over an arrangement of words he had read, then I was answering 'yes' because that arrangement now resided in Victor's mind. If I could compel him (as Spooner suggested) not to speak the words aloud, then I was making an ownership claim over another person's body. At that moment -- and, granted, it took several months of consideration to reach that moment -- I abandoned all belief in intellectual property." (04/08/11)  


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