Mexico: Mass graves fuel anger over drug war

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April 7, 2011
The Christian Science Monitor    
Posted in PND News

"The US-Mexico border is at the center of another gruesome scene in Mexico's drug war. Nearly 60 bodies were discovered by authorities this week about 80 miles from Brownsville, Texas – not far from where 72 US-bound migrants were found dead in a massacre last August. Authorities have arrested eight people in connection with the killings and officials say the suspects are members of the Zetas, one of Mexico’s most violent drug gangs. This week's discovery comes in the wake of criticism from the United Nations of Mexican President Felipe Calderón's military approach to the country's battle with organized crime. It was also made public the same day Mexicans gathered in marches across the country demanding solutions to rising insecurity, highlighting the concerns of an increasingly weary public." (04/07/11)  

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